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. Vuokratyöhön sovelletaan siis samoja määräaikaisuuden perustetta koskevia säännöksiä kuin muihinkin työsuhteisiin. The administrative committee of the discipline-specific funds of the City Centre campus 2 represents the disciplines of law, theology, social sciences and educational sciences. If you will be studying during the summer, the time to apply for  student aid for the summer months  is right. Since then, basic social assistance has been moved under Kela, which now, after a new policy decision, requires students to have their student loan for the entire academic year disbursed before granting social assistance. Are you interested in learning how the funds work? In other words, like this:.

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The administrative committee of the discipline-specific fund of the Meilahti campus represents the disciplines of medicine. EN Page unavailable in English. Various parties have presented their policies on the comprehensive reform of social security, but students have been left outside in almost all cases. When should you apply for a review? Housing costs take up a significant portion of income, and according to a recent report, students remain under two different poverty lines. Several hottie cum suomi seksivideot are coming up with their own reform proposals. The administrative committee of the discipline-specific funds of the City Centre campus 1 represents the arts.